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On the 2nd weekend of March, the small rural communities of Claxton and Hagan, Georgia are submerged with visitors from all over the South. People from miles around come to see the sights of the annual Rattlesnake Roundup. The event has played host to as many as 15,000 on-lookers... 4,000 more people than the county has as residents!

The event began in February 1968, in an effort to reduce the population of the rattlesnakes in the area. The first year a total of 48 snakes were captured. By official count, the largest number of entries collected was in 1992 when 588 rattlesnakes were captured.

The event has become an economic boost for the community. It will certainly be interesting to see what 2009 holds. Not only is there a side-show of snakes, but there is a local beauty contest, Rattlesnake Run and parade. The 200 plus arts and crafts exhibitors fill the grassy lot adjacent to the Evans County Wildlife Club building in Hagan, GA.

The Shriners come out in full force for the annual parade! It's an event that brings the city of Claxton to a complete halt! Weather permitting, thousands will line the streets of Hwy 301 and Hwy 280 to watch dignitaries, beauty queens, floats, bands, and full-grown men either dancing in their Aladdin costumes or driving go-carts that are 10 times too small for their derriere.
I must confess, when Justin and Jordy were small we were faithful to adorn our Roundup Tee-Shirts and position ourself for the best seat on the parade route. It was a huge event for our family. Cousins Ashley and Terry would come to Claxton and off we would go!

Years have passed and so has my passion for the parade and the roundup. I don't think I have actually seen the parade "in person" for several years. A television station in Savannah, GA covers the parade, so it's much easier to watch it from the comfort of my couch, in my pj's with my coffee cup in hand. And as far as the vendors, how many leather belts, house plants, and wood carvings can one person own?? The traffic is comparable to downtown Atlanta on a Friday afternoon!! Have I mentioned the only fast food restaurant we have in Claxton is McDonald's?? (Do you get the picture??)

The Evans County Wildlife Club members, however, have done a great job of making the weekend memorable for those who attend. Up until a few years ago, the Roundup was held in a tobacco warehouse... yes, it was crazy and jam packed! Moving to an outside venue has certainly helped in dealing with the crowd and with the traffic. There are also many vendors who provide some delicious food which does help the long line at McDonalds.
There are some truly awesome things that the Evans County Wildlife Club and the Rattlesnake Roundup in itself does for our community. A large part of the revenue received from this event goes to worthwhile organizations and charities. It is like a MAJOR stimulus check for many groups who do "good things" around our area.
Maybe I should re-adjust my thinking on this aggravating weekend... where 15,000 people come to my small quiet little town of Claxton, GA. But I'm still watching the parade in my pj's. 

**For more current pics of 2011 Roundup click here!
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  1. That's my daddy in the top photo of the Shriners! HAha...I made that costume for him in like ten minutes!!

    - Eliza

  2. WOW 15,000 people to reach for Jesus! I will go if I only tell one person Hey Jesus loves you! Thanks for your blog it was very informative!