Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be still and know.

When I was growing up, there was a popular saying ... "Be sure to take the time to smell the daisies." There is just something healthy and good about taking a break from life's chaos. Slow down. Take a walk on the beach. Watch a sunset. Take a quiet stroll. Sit down in the snow... okay, I never heard that one, but you get the idea.

Sometimes, life is just crazy and different personalities deal with life's insanity differently. Sanguines go into over-drive, cholerics get a tad bit demanding, phlegmatics want to crawl in bed, and melancholy's refer to their day-timers!!! Temperments make a difference in how we respond. Understanding personality types will not only help a person understand themselves, but also give insight to family, friends and foes.

Some people believe that temperment analysis is hogwash or even satanic with a slant toward astrology. Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor of First Baptist Atlanta, GA, frequently refers to personality types. Christian author, Florence Littauer wrote, "Personality Plus", a book that describes the different temperments. The book made a believer in me. God's Word, the ultimate authority, reveals that God took careful measure when He created us. "Oh yes, you shaped me first inside then out; you formed me in my mother's womb." Ps. 139:13. Along with God's Holy Spirit, temperment peculiarities makes the believer's life unique and "wonderfully made!"

May I share with you some personality types within my family???

My mom is a definite choloric! She is strong and take charge, not easily discouraged and usually right! She is very goal-oriented.

My son, Jordy, oh he is definitely a sanguine for sure! He is fun loving, light-hearted, a people person, and a wonderful entertainer!

My son, Justin, hummm.. I'm thinking melancholy. He is a thinker and a ponderer who is highly creative and content to stay in the background. The melancholy type personality is philosophical and finds creative solutions.

My husband is a phlegmatic with a touch of choleric thrown in! Case in point: He is a great mediator which is his phelgmatic side however his choleric side kicks in when he is strong-willed and decisive!

As for me?? I took the personality test and scored very high on the phlegmatic type which means I tend to be easy-going, I keep my emotions hidden, and I am quiet but whitty. :-)

Life does get crazy and no matter what type of temperment you have, rest and reflection is good. I should know, phlegmatics enjoy the quiet side of life.

"Be still and know that I am God. I will be honored by every nation! I will be honored throughout the world." Ps. 46:10


  1. Choleric sanguine. Now if I just knew what that meant.


  2. Choleric phlegmatic, that is me. Sounds like your husband with the dominant-secondary traits flipped. God has a way of cooling the choleric in me, however -- and I ask for that help on a daily basis. Cholerics can ride roughshod over people if they don't watch out.

  3. God has purposed each of these personalities types for His glory... even cholerics! Nice to meet you Elizabeth...