Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sippin' Lemonade Time!

I can't believe I haven't shared about Wonderful Wednesdays!  Sherry and I call it... "Sippin' Lemonade on the Front Porch".  It's absolutely wonderful! The Parker's drink on the floor in the above pic... yep, that's a diet coke!  But our sippin' lemonade.. is more like "taste and see."

It's amazing..  totally amazing and an obvious gift of grace, that God allows me and my dear friend Sherry to teach a Children's Sunday School Class.  WHAT JOY!!  We have been teaching on God's providence for the past 24 weeks... and every Wednesday around 5pm, we meet for a sweet time of prayer, studying God's Word, preparation for our lesson and "girl time."   The curriculum is 40 weeks of study on "His Purpose Will Stand"... and it is WONDERFUL!

We have been on many a rabbit chasin' during our lemonade sippin'.  That's what grazing on the Word of God does... 

And what is up with the picture???  I started a CHALLENGE this week prompted by a blogger friend to take (and post) a picture a week for the remaining weeks of 2011.  It's a photo journal of just what 2011 is doing to me.  Oh dear!  Good thing that I didn't start this photographic escapade in January.   Scary thought!!  So I started out my week, and my new blog with this pic!  My lemonade buddy snapped my pic... so there you have it! (fyi..we don't normally sit on the floor... )

If you don't take time to "sit on the front porch and sip on some sweet lemonade"... seriously, you should start.  Find a friend... grab the Word.... pour a glass.... and Rock on!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him."  Ps. 34:8

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  1. You are such an encouragement! I love that you're diving into the Word (and prayer) with a friend. It makes me wish I was there!

    I'm so blessed that my coworker is a strong believer, so we spend a lot of our time reading Scripture, memorizing verses, and asking each other questions. And what a difference it makes in our work environment! God is so good. :)