Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Purple Fairies have left...

I am embracing today.. it's Saturday. Not because I have nothing to do, the good Lord knows there are many things that need my attention!  Not because I'm going to the beach, the pool or even the mall!  This past week was a whirlwind of Vacation Bible School! It's the great amazing race, to share Jesus with all the kiddos of our small community. Actually for our children, it was Saddle Ridge Ranch... Roundin' Up Questions.... Searching for Answers.

It's a time of tilling the soil, planting, watering and then hopefully an opportunity to continue an investment inspired and created by none other than the Creator himself, God. But today is Saturday, and it is work day at home. My attention is needed here.

As I came home from work on Friday, I remembered that .. wow.. I had totally neglected all the flowers that I had just planted and prayed over from the week end prior. Not that my hubby, wasn't busy himself.. with those darn chickens and criminals... but his attention hadn't crossed over to my sanctuary of beautiful bliss scattered across our plot called "home". As I began my pilgrimage, my heart sank. For nearly, all that had been planted had suffered from the extreme South Georgia heat, and to my dismay, many appeared to be long past resuscitation.

My greatest pride and joy was a hanging basket I had placed in a bird bath in the front of my yard. I loved it so.. for it reminded me of purple fairies. Why? I could just imagine purple fairies leaving remnants of themselves throughout. (Disclaimer: I don't believe in fairies, angels yes.. fairies no.. but it was just a nice but totally absurd thought.) The plant was fresh, airy and pleasing to my senses. However, after my afternoon pilgrimage.. my purple plant looked more like a forgotten cemetery arrangement.. you know the kind I'm talking about.

The week of early to rise... late to bed... had played havoc on my friend of only a week. For death was amongst us.. due to neglect. VBS had killed my plant.

I couldn't help but see myself in this pitiful plant. I knew exactly how it felt.. as probably many other VBS workers. Now please don't get me wrong, but I saw many faces on Thursday evening, (the last night of VBS) , that looked worse than this plant.. and mine was one of them. As I began my journaling this morning, it occurred to me that I had not written, read God's word or cracked a book on spiritual growth since Wednesday. By Thursday evening, I was full-blown in my flesh. I have been a follower of Christ long enough to know the connection of working in the "over-flow" of God's love. My over-flow had flown out.. much like the fairies in my hanging basket. I knew it was happening and over and over again in my head I kept saying "as a deer panteth for water, so my soul panteth for You". However, I couldn't seem to get to the "Water". How easy it is to get caught up in the vortex of the busyness of the church and not take care of the starvation of the soul.

How can I share .. that of which I do not know?

I had told myself I wasn't going to blog today... I had too many things on my plate. I actually had a delightful blackberry messenger conversation with someone last night and it reminded me all that I had to do today.. i.e. pay bills, wash clothes, pay bills, buy groceries, pay bills, clean house, pay bills and last but not least SIT IN MY FATHERS LAP. I knew I was in trouble (and it wasn't just the credit card late fees.. it was so much worse.) For the last several days, I hadn't done anything to KNOW GOD, which for a believer and follower of Christ is what makes life worthwhile and our greatest objective in life.

Oh how I pray that there were some little cowboys and cowgirls that were drawn close to the love of Christ from VBS...that they could taste and see that the Lord is good, not just a slice of pizza or corn dog nugget. The decorations were awesome.. the games were fun... but the Word.. yes the Word, it will not return void. I know they will need watering along the way... and just like my tumbleweed that now sits in the hanging basket, we all need Living Water....

"O Lord, I have longed for your rescue,
and your instructions are my delight.
Let me live so I can praise you,
and may your regulations help me."
Ps. 119: 174-176


  1. Wonderful, Jo Ellen. I have had many a plant turned into a crispy critter when I turned my back for a bit to go on vacation, etc. I,too, have felt myself withering beneath the scalding meanness, pressure, and worry of the world that I wouldn't let go to share a few moments with the only One who could provide my roots water and sustenance. I'm trying very hard to bloom these days, but periods of blight still come and go. This wonderful piece of writing has reminded me again of what really matters. God bless you, my dear cyber friend. Angie

  2. so glad you decided to blog today, you expressed well what many have experienced this week, and hopefully realized what will be done today and thereafter.

  3. Thanks Angie and moma! I do pray that the purple fairies return.. :-)

  4. Jo, I think you may be a little harsh on your spirituality for the week. Just think of the many boys and girls lives you touched this week in Bible School. Now as far as your Purple Fairies and other plants, they almost need your daily attention, especially in this hot and humid weather. At times, I call "time-out" for my hanging baskets and bring them into the shade for the hot part of the day. Love your blog and your "way with words"!

  5. I found myself in the same place this past week, and here's the deal...

    I knew what the answer was, knew I needed to get to the feet of Jesus, but something in me chose otherwise; it's wasn't until I cracked open the Word yesterday, sat in a few moments of silence with the Father, that he began to crack open my heart with the truth of his love and abiding presence.

    Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we test the waters without our Friend? Oh,how I pray to live better. I know you feel the same.