Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holding Hudson

Wikipedia defines a miracle as a "sensibly perceptible interruption of the laws of nature, such that can only be explained by divine intervention, and is sometimes associated with a miracle worker."

On Feb. 15, 2008, I received a very disturbing email from my son's best friend, Drew. Drew and his wife, Kamarie, were expecting their second child and had received devastating news from the doctor. They were told that the chances of carrying this pregnancy to full-term was very slim (less than 10%) and should the baby survive the full-term pregnancy, death was certain within a few days of birth. An ultrasound had revealed that the baby had severe cystic hygroma, which by medical terms is growths of fluid that form as a result of the lymphatic system not forming properly. Best case scenario was Down's Syndrome, however, the severity of the chromosomal defects appeared to make the best case scenario, the least. Although not mentioned in the initial email, Kam later shared that the issue of abortion was discussed by the doctor as an option.

Upon learning that the baby was a boy, this young couple proclaimed Hudson Taylor Miles to the world. At the close of their email, Drew and Kam asked their friends and family to pray for a miracle. "We are still hopeful, because we believe that God could work a miracle on Hudson. We just ask that you pray for Hudson and for us that God will give us peace as we are waiting."

Four weeks later, a second email arrived. An amniocenteses revealed that baby Hudson had Down's Syndrome. He was high risk for certain heart defects. The future was still very unsettling and unsure. Again, this young couple sought the heartfelt prayers from family and friends. A miracle was needed.

On August 12, 2008 at 10:03am, Hudson Taylor Miles beat the odds and was born! Although he had some issues with breathing and feeding, Hudson's prognosis was hopeful, yet guarded. A small hole in his heart was discovered and heart surgery would be sooner than anticipated. Drew and Kamarie had spent the last 5 months preparing, planning and praying. They were now the parents of a special-needs child with Downs Syndrome. But the bottom line, they had a new baby to bring home... a baby who wasn't suppose to live.... a baby they could have chosen to abort.... a baby with ten fingers, ten toes and one hole in his heart.

Baby Hudson came home within a few days after he was born. He has had one heart surgery and today Hudson is smiling, laughing, eating, and pooping in his diapers.. all the things little babies do. His brother, Lane, thinks he is wonderful, almost as wonderful as Thomas the Train. Hudson's parents, continue to see God at work in their lives. They embrace the miracle God has entrusted them with ...facing the future ... faith first.

"Give thanks to him who alone does mighty miracles. His faithful love endures forever."
Psalm 136:4 NLT


  1. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You know, we all have one hole in our heart. One hole where only One will fit. It just that not everyone has been told about it....

  2. Hey there
    I saw your blog through the followers link in my blog.

    You have an amazing quality of speaking straight from the heart! This post was so touching. That little boy will be in all our prayers now.

  3. A beautiful story. A beautiful miracle and witness to the power of one human life and parents who are willing to walk the road alongside, no matter what!

    Thanks, Jo Ellen, for visiting the blog. You are always welcome there. In addition, you are a wonderful writer. I always appreciate good writing. I'm going to head over for my personality check. I love stuff like that.


  4. What a touching post! I'm glad they choose to put their trust in God and know he wouldn't give them more than they could handle. I'm glad to hear Hudson is ding so well ( LOVE the name!)
    I was just out party hopping, I came from A Family Completed Hope you'll stop by!

  5. Absolutely amazing story! Very touching. G-d works in mysterious ways but at least you know he's always working.