Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Friends

Wikipedia defines "friendship" as a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people. Other words of interest that are noted in the definition include trust, empathy, loyalty and affection.

This particular picture is of my son Jordy and his best friend since Pre-K, Kelvin Goodson. This candid shot was taken right before their Senior Prom. They had been posed and polished with their dates on each arm, but as this picture reveals, it was time to relax and just laugh. This is the kind of picture that just simply makes a person smile.
There has always been something special about the friendship between Jordy and Kelvin. I think one of the most interesting aspects of their relationship has been the lack of competitiveness. Boys, in general , just seem to have a natural competitive streak. However, throughout the years, these two best friends have always had "each other's back". Growing up and watching them play, I was always amazed at how they wanted the best for each other. They have both had other friends... lots of other friends. But their friendship has a closeness and a bond that is truly special.
I often wonder where life will take Kelvin. He is a very smart young man with great athletic ability. Kelvin has spent many, many hours on the baseball field. His versatility makes him a "coach's favorite" and his gentle, but domineering conduct crowds love! He has social graces that are sadly becoming obsolete!! Of course, I always wonder where life will take my Jordy!! My son is intelligent and he has a personality that brightens up the room when he enters. And although he hasn't put as much time on the playing field as Kelvin, Jordy is the ultimate team player that brings balance and consistency to a team. He doesn't give up. He looks for the best in people and always considers their feelings.
Ten years from now, I don't know where Jordy or Kelvin will be or what they will be doing. But one thing I feel is certain, they will have each other's back and they will most definitely still be best friends.

"Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family." Proverbs 18:24

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