Sunday, February 15, 2009

Re-Thinking My Valentines' Day

Valentines' Day 2009 is one that I probably will try to forget. I spent most of the day laying in bed. When I wasn't laying in bed, I was "close and personal" with my commode. Yep.. I had the virus. So the question was... who gave it to me?? You have to find someone to blame. I had two obvious choices... Jordy or Michelle. Michelle, my co-worker and dear friend, was sick for about 3 days.. each of those days dragging herself to work. Can you say CONTAGIOUS?? Jordy, my 18 year old son, called me from his college apartment 25 minutes down the road. "Can you come and get me?" When your college student son calls and actually WANTS YOU... you go. His virus lasted approx. 24 hours. He was a sick puppy. When your baby pup is sick, the "moma dog mode" kicks in .. and who cares about being contagious.

So there you have it. No, actually I have it. The virus. Praise the Lord, mine doesn't appear to be lasting very long. Yesterday was like a bad dream. I moaned .. I groaned.. yes, I am a moaner and groaner when I am nauseated. I have always been that way. I can't say that it makes me feel better. But if I'm sick, I am going to groan. Without going into much detail, just know that I spent alot of time in the bathroom... and a lot of time groaning. 'Nuff said.

Yesterday while I was laying in the bed, I thought about people who deal with sickness routinely. When I stared at the relection of my face in the commode, I thought about cancer patients, people with chronic illnesses. My experience pales in comparision. Maybe I needed that virus to get my attention. Nausea sucks.

Today, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. My whole body aches tremendously.... convulsating vomiting (is that a word??) makes you feel like you have just ran a marathon or done a work out with Jullian from Biggest Loser.

My friend Andy still lies in the hospital in Savannah, Pama continues to collect her tears and God continues to count them. My friend, David came home Thursday from the hospital with a new esophagus and stomach with no cancer...God did a miracle. Chelsea's grandfather took his last breath.. he will miss seeing her graduate from High School.

Okay.. my Valentines Day wasn't so bad.

This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 (New Living Translation)

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